{Video}: Has the West Ruined Yoga?

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Forgive me, it’s been a while. Writing on the blog has taken a back seat because I have launched my YouTube Channel! And boy….is it a learning curve. I’m great at putting on makeup and talking to a camera, but the technical stuff…not so much. BUT….I am loving it so far. Video is such a fun way to connect. That brings me to my most recent video about yoga! 


Has the West Ruined Yoga?

Is a freaking loaded question. I mean on one hand the commercialization (and sensationalization) of yoga has lead to a loss of authenticity. On the other, the West has brought yoga to the masses. I forget which Yogi it was, but a highly relevant yogi has been quoted saying that the West “saved” yoga. Before the West brought Yoga to the masses, it was considered an activity for the rich and a luxury a commoner in India couldn’t afford. Thus, the practice began dying in India. Essentially, the Yogi is saying that the West revived Yoga.

My personal thoughts? (Glad you asked).

The West has made Yoga Incredibly Terrifying

By this I mean that those of us not a size 2 contortionist feel Yoga, as a practice is unattainable.

But that’s just it.

“Yoga is a practice, not a means to an end when you can stand on your head or do a full split.”

The thing is, with Instagram (shout out to the insta Yogis) the image of yoga is programming thoughts in our mind that make us think that unless we are already flexible, Yoga isn’t for us. Or, we see a size 2 contortionist and think, “Well, I am nothing like that girl, therefor, this form of exercise is not for me.” Which brings me to my next point.

The West is Contributing to Yoga Losing Its Authenticity

The original intent of yoga was to strengthen your physical body to be able to sit in meditation. Essentially, you connect with your outer self to connect with your inner self. The #OG Yogis practiced yoga to be able to sit in meditation for hours at a time. If you have ever sat for more than 30 minutes on the floor, you know it’s a workout and requires physical strength to be comfortable. The West has brought yoga to the masses, which also means #commercialization. In all the trendy yoga gear, amazingly flexible sexy yoga bodies and weirdo yoga forms (WTF is beer yoga), the original intent of yoga is well…lost. I mean how many people even know the original intent was to sit in meditation? I didn’t…until I paid a semester’s worth tuition to do my yoga teacher training.

Those are my thoughts 🙂 The West has made Yoga a viable career option for so many talented yogis to make a comfortable living doing what they love and I think that is wonderful. I also think that it is important for people like you and myself to learn and talk about topics so close to our culture like yoga so we preserve its authenticity.

More fun facts about Yoga can be found in my video! Be sure to subscribe to my channel! You know I’m cute!

Until next time with an even cuter video,

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