How to Be More Honest in 2018

Hai guys. There are two reasons for this post. First, I am BAD at time management. So bad that I am writing a “New Yearish” post during the last week of January. Second, I didn’t want to write a basic #AF “New Year New Me,” post because as I’ve learned becoming a “new you,” is a fucking process. It doesn’t happen overnight, it doesn’t happen in three months and it sure as hell can’t happen in a year. Keep reading if….

You need to make a change in 2018 for the better.
You aren’t being honest with yourself.
You aren’t being honest with others.
Self awareness is a word foreign to your vocabulary.

Still with me? Great, let’s hit it.

Honesty is so important. Not the “I forgot to do my assignment, my dog didn’t eat it,” type of honesty. But real honesty that leads to self awareness. In my opinion, self awareness is the number one key to success. Without self awareness, I wouldn’t have dropped my pre-med major to do something I could actually be good at to earn a living. And without self-awareness, I would have married my childhood friend, a union I knew would have ended in life-long misery or divorce.

Gary Vee (he is to entrepreneurs what Oprah is to journalism) says that self-awareness is the starting point for success. Gary believes in it so much so that he says that’s the one thing everyone needs to have. Not hustle, not ambition, but self awareness.

“Self awareness is accepting your shortcomings and accentuating your strengths.” -Gary Vee

Let’s put self awareness into action. I’ll use myself as an example.

I’m a writer, content creator at heart. Sure I’m good in front of the camera a little bit, but I at my core I am a writer. For two years, I sucked at my job. My job requires me to create content, but also do project management and STRATEGIZE. I’m a creative, not a strategic. So, I went and aligned myself with people on my team who could help me think strategically. I finally admitted to my boss what my weaknesses were and he supported my efforts to overcome my shortcomings. For two years I put up a front due to fear of being perceived as less than only to realize I should have been up front all along.

Chit-Chat & Chai also didn’t launch for a year due to a lack of strategy. So I sucked it up and paid for a coach whose strong suit was strategy. Today, I have a solid vision for my blog and I’m going above and beyond at my day job. These positive changes are all attributed to honesty and self awareness.

Get out of your head, stop feeling like shit for tyour failures and short-comings. Take Action. Problem solve.

So don’t just admit to yourself that you forgot to do your homework, problem-solve so you STOP forgetting to do your homework.

Let’s get personal for a minute. In 2017 I told my entire family to fuck off (literally used these words). I have massive convictions about my life (due to being self aware) and I simply couldn’t hang out on anymore, talk to another guy they suggested or hurry up and apply to graduate school because I was getting too “old.” Their pressure to steer my life nearly broke me. I played along because I wasn’t being honest with myself or them.

“Maybe I can fit into an arranged marriage. “Maybe I can lose weight to please that guy. Maybe I can just keep dealing with disrespectful guys so I can get married on time.”

Maybe…Maybe..Maybe…had I just been honest with myself, my family and the world…I could have been further along in doing things in a way that actually worked for me.

You see, you cannot resist who you are or go against your true nature for long and succeed…trust me I’ve tried. So what does all of this mean for you?

It means actually living your life and trusting what you desire will come your way as long as you’re moving forward in a way that works for YOU.

It means taking trainings at work YOU are actually interested in vs. what others are doing.

It means not letting anyone disrespect or belittle your plans and convictions for your life.

It means being honest with yourself and loving yourself so you can protect your heart and succeed.

Isn’t that the point of this all? So, in 2018….ask yourself what it is that is holding you back and problem solve…you may just find that while you’ve been blaming the world, it may have been you all along.

All my love for the new year,



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