Why am I blogging about South Asian culture?



For the LOVE of It.

I started a blog when I studied abroad in India in 2010 and continued to blog throughout my early 20’s whenever inspiration would strike. So my first answer to this question is: for the love of writing. A writer is who I am at my core. Consuming stories and storytelling is what I do for entertainment.

DIGITAL MEDIA. Is the way to go.

I am fascinated with the digital area you and I have been fortunate to grow up in. Growing up I was obsessed with Shah Rukh Khan, but I knew I could never talk to him. Now, I am obsessed with a variety of bloggers, vLoggers and YouTube stars. And you know what, I can talk to these people via email and SnapChat, see their homes and their day to day lives. Blogs, Podcasts, Vlogs, Snapchat, Instagram, etc have changed the game. We live in an era where any and all information is going digital. Seriously, I never have an unanswered question any more, thanks to Google.

Connecting with culture and like minded people.

I am starting this blog as a way to connect with my culture and as a way to connect with you. Indian culture is very important to me. Learning about it, implementing it into my life and preserving and passing it on in a compact and comprehensive way is important to me. I might say I have found my life purpose, but I am pretty sure it found me the day I turned five and asked my mother to explain why Hinduism has so many “gods.” Along the way, I made many trips to India, traveled, went to college, entered the workforce and connected with other South Asians, “Desis”, brown people, whatever you want to call us. I realized I wanted to create a space for us to connect and share the experience that is growing up in a country and culture different from your own. I also want to get a dialogue going about what it means to be South Asian in a non-South Asian country. We are all so different, yet so similar. I’d love to share my culture and learn about yours.

So grab a cup of chai (or coffee), connect and let’s celebrate our cultures.



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