{VIDEO}: Interesting Brown Girl Dating Experiences

New Years Look 😉

Hey party people! First, HAPPY NEW YEAR or New YASSS as my friends Tara says, lol. Second, I made my first YouTube video. And it’s on a fascinating topic: dating. Specifically, dating in the South Asian community.

TARA! <3 Best


You’ve heard Deepa Berar and I shoot the shit on her Deep Beauty podcast on dating in the South Asian community. Our conversation really inspired me to finally shoot this video. In fact, I’ve been planning this video in my head for months. You see dating was never really my thing, still isn’t. But I did it, a whole lot of it in 2017. I rarely ever made it past the first date. Why, you ask? Well you’re gonna have to watch below to find out:

Brown Girl Dating Experiences 

Just Find the Humor

So there you have it…I have had some pretty WACK experiences dating Brown guys. Maybe I just don’t know how to do it right, or maybe ATL is just not the place, but I took the tail end of 2017 to do some MAJOR reflection on what I want and how I want to go about finding a partner. Being the Gemini I am who constantly needs to be entertained I choose to find a ton of humor in all of this nonsense. I mean someone telling me I look like I could be their bodyguard on a date is pretty fucking funny, don’t you think? I do. I am strong…..and maybe a bit less petite than your average desi girl, but no girl wants to hear that, LOL.

Hope you found some reliability and humor in my video and if not. The dating game is a shit show, know you’re not alone in this mess.

P.S: I REALLY wish I had called wack dude a pipsqueak to his face. HA…maybe I will grow some balls in 2018. BYE FOR NOW.

Happy New Year,

xoxo Pri

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