The Roommate Protein Smoothie

Hi hi hi,

So I am super excited today. As a vegetarian who doesn’t eat fish or eggs, it is super difficult to get enough protein. I am not super strict about my protein intake. However, not having enough energy and stamina after workouts (I do HIIT cardio and yoga) and speedy recover puts a real damper on the whole fitness brigade.

Not gonna lie, I kinda fell off the train. I needed to get back into the groove of things, but I need my healthy and clean eats to taste good. I mean the whole eating protein overnight oats that taste like shit for breakfast in the name of keeping up with your routine (you know what I am talking about, fitness enthusiasts) is out. I work a lot, I get tired, I want my food to nourish me as well as taste good. I wanna look forward to it, ya know? Not like “shit another protein shake.”

So one day my roommate made an impeccable smoothie. It looked amazing, tasted amazing and had all healthy ingredients. It was creamy, thick, cold and a mix of sweet and tart. It basically tasted like “nice cream.” She told me I could put protein powder in it and it would still taste good. YOU GUYS…it doesn’t get ANY better than this for a vegetarian. Like really…thank me later.

SOOOOOOO…without further ado..I present the Roommate Smoothie! I kid, it’s a berry-greek yogurt-spinach infused-insert more blogger jardon and a mason jar protein smoothie!


Blendy blend until you get a nice creamy consistency. Most likely will be reddish purple in color. The greek yogurt makes it a bit tart. Berries and splash of OJ make it sweet. All in all it tastes like sorbet/nice cream. Super healthy, super filling and roommate taste test approved (by all three of us roomies).

You should see our fridge. We all buy the same ingredients and put it in our respective areas for the week. And end up making the smoothies at the same time. Better than late night ice cream during our bollywood binges, right?
Happy Tuesday,
xoxo Pri

Four South Asian Influencers I Love



Hello, hello,

How has everyone been? Because I have been a tad overwhelmed and distracted lately, I feel less connected to blogging daily. Just being real. The hard part about creativity is that it can be so mood-dependant. Any creative person has felt the tug of war that internally happens between discipline and mood. Today I chose to rise above my emotions and channel energy into blogging. Gotta stay active and positive, right?

I often hear how distracted our generation is due to social media. Lately, I sort of disagree. You see with a ton of options also comes a ton of control. I get to decide what I see in my IG feed, how often I go on Twitter, how to promote my blog and who to block or follow on social media. You can literally create your own social media environment. And it’s powerful if you create a positive one. On days like today, when I feel utterly defeated and mentally exhausted, I turn to my favorite South Asian influencers for humour, positivity and smiles. Sharing the goodness below 🙂

1. Superwoman: Hands down, this girl is my spirit animal. I love her non-apologetic flair, her immensely talented comedic skits and her hilarious “My parents watch this song,” videos. She is a bright light and I honestly think she may be an actual unicorm. Lily stole my heart when she opened up about her battle with depression and how she started her YouTube channel to make others smile and come out stronger. Also she is a total #girlboss and pioneer in terms of South Asian social media influencers.

2. Humble the Poet: Humble the Poet caught my attention with his music video collaboration with Superwoman, but quickly his inspiring IG feed and positivity won my heart. Ever come across someone who just “gets it?” I feel he is one of those people. His raw honesty and extremely gentle approach to basically knocking sense into people to spread love make my day, all day err day. Ever been down about something, just go to Humble’s IG feed, he most likely has spoken about it. Also he is a killer musician.

3. Planet Parle: Ok, I can’t mention Superwoman and not mention Planet Parle. I also cannot be a fellow Gujarati and not mention Planet Parle. When I watched Superwoman, I thought, “There needs to be a Gujju version of her.” And although Planet Parle is a male and has his own comedic style, I would say he comes pretty close. He is downright hilarious, speaks Gujarati and totally hits all the right points with his Gujju comedy. Seeing people from my own community “make it” and that too because of their culture and not inspite of it makes me happy. I don’t think there is anything that makes me happier or more proud. Planet Parle, you are adorable and us Gujjus love you.

4. Raja Kumari: Not too long ago, someone tagged me in a post related to Raja Kumari. And I thought, “OMG why am I just finding out about this woman?” Also, a few friends told me I reminded them of her (best compliment ever). Not in the musical way (I am tone def), but in our attitude and passion towards Indian culture. Raja Kumari saw South Asian culture being appropriated in Western mainstream music and is using her platform as a musician to own it and claim it. I love, love, love that she choose her definition of “making it” to include her culture, not leave it out. Also, did you know before she went independent she was a song-writer and was even nominated for a Grammy? #girlboss #SOUTHASIANgirl boss. I’m about it.

These are a few of my favorite thingsssss (sings song), haha. But really, with so much positivity, culture and influence we are capable of, how can I let myself sit in an uninspired funk. You gotta stay inspired and keep at it, ya know? And if you’re having trouble, check out these cool kids who are killing it.

The goal is to push through not stop, right? Who’s your favorite South Asian influencer…do share so I can stalk them. Nothing more I love then supporting my community.

All my love and inspiration,

xoxo Pri